Giampaolo Zanardi

He has always practiced martial arts, achieving the degree of first Dan black belt of Karate Makotokai, under the guidance of Masters Corrado and Riccardo Savino.

He devoted himself, almost exclusively, to Neijia, with particular attention to qigong, participating in numerous internships held by Maestro Paolo Bolaffio.

Since 2018 he has dedicated himself to the practice of medical qigong and Classical Chinese Medicine, following the teachings of Master Jeffrey Yuen, at the Xin Shu School in Rome. At the same time he attended training courses and in-depth seminars on qigong and Classical Chinese Medicine in Padua (Italy) with Carlo Toller and Franco Bottalo.

In 2021 he graduated in Qigong and Classical Chinese Medicine, at the Xin Shu School in Rome.