Rosa Brotzu

Doctor, MD, L.Ac., Specialist in Psychiatry.

President, Instructional Director and Coordinator of Xin Shu Academy and the various initiatives at Xin Shu, she works to promote and disseminate study and research activity on Classical Chinese Medicine, promoting seminars, training activities, national and international study conferences – also in collaboration with external organizations – with particular reference to the teachings of the Master Jeffrey C. Yuen, with whom she is in connection and study activity since 1997.

She graduated in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 1985, under the guidance of Prof. Carlo Di Stanislao, with whom she maintained a vivid friendship and professional relationship. She has been a teacher in some schools in Rome and Italy, attended national and international conferences as a speaker, with the aim of deepening and spreading the principles of Classical Medicine Chinese.

In 1997 she met Master Jeffrey Yuen and introduced him in Italy, making him a member of the Xin Shu School in Rome. With Master Jeffrey Yuen she established a relationship of friendship and collaboration that continues today. From the very beginning, she took the importance of the teachings of the Master Yuen, who became the main reference point for the school’s educational setting.

Thanks to the collaboration between Xin Shu and Master Jeffrey Yuen, currently the teachings of the Master represent a solid base of knowledge in Classical Chinese Medicine for many acupuncturists and operators in the sector in Italy. For this Rosa Brotzu is honored and infinitely grateful to Master Jeffrey Yuen, who with great generosity authorized Xin Shu to disseminate his teachings, enriching the knowledge and application in the clinical field of a huge store of knowledge, acquired during dozens of generations and not available in any textbook or treatise.
The teachings of the secular Taoist culture, transmitted by the Master Jeffrey Yuen, also represent the basic principles to try to develop new possibilities for personal evolution.

In the clinical field, she is engaged not to stop at the surface of the symptoms that patients show, but to go and look for deep imbalances to bring the organism back on a path of balance and health, as Taoist medicine teaches. For over 30 years, she has been dealing with the treatment of various diseases, integrating the various aspects of Classical Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, tuina, dietary, qi gong and phytotherapy. In particular, she focused on the treatment of psychological problems and psychiatric illnesses, to reduce the use of psychotropic drugs.