We hail the arrival of Xin Shu Academy

After over thirty years experience in teaching and disseminating Chinese medicine, Xin Shu APS is pleased to announce the birth of “Xin Shu Academy”, the digital platform dedicated to Chinese Classical Medicine.

Xin Shu Academy offers to the international public a continuous education system in e-learning modality, which includes monographs, video lectures and lessons targeted for students and workers in different fields of Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, tuina, qigong, phytotherapy, dietetics and associated complementary techniques.

Available contents have been collected, processed or created by Xin Shu staff of MDs, practitioners and researchers and are based on the teachings of Master Jeffrey C. Yuen, who in Italy collaborates exclusively with Xin Shu since 1998.

Master Jeffrey C. Yuen is an internationally renown Taoist monk, one of the leading experts in Chinese Classical Medicine. Since his childhood he has dedicated himself to the arts of Taoist healing and Chinese medicine, following the teachings of the Taoist master and monk Yu Wen, his adoptive grandfather, who has designated him his spiritual heir, when he was sixteens years old.

Xin Shu Academy courses, seminars and publications are available in English, as well as in Italian, and can be purchased through a secure e-commerce system, accessible from all over the world.

With this new project, Xin Shu continues its path of study, research and dissemination, offering useful tools and resources for individual and professional growth, inspired by principles of solidarity and sharing, hoping to contribute to the pursuit of “the high path”.