Heart Meridian

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on the “Heart Meridian”, in the context of Classical Chinese Medicine.

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Heart Meridian – Jeffrey Yuen

Heart Meridian online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

In this online course, Master Jeffrey Yuen offers us the opportunity to learn and deepen, according to the interpretation offered by Classical Chinese Medicine, the energy pathophysiology and the symbolic meaning of the meridian belonging to the Fire movement: Heart Meridian. 

You can think of this study as a useful tool to overcome the challenges of life, imagining life as a journey that stimulates one to perceive one’s “sovereignty” and helps to achieve the spontaneity and freedom that is desired and summarized by the Taoist axiom: “To live simply to live fully”.

The discussion on meridian and individual acupuncture points, according to the vision of Classical Chinese Medicine, places particular emphasis on the sense of the individual’s evolutionary dynamics, as well as on energy pathophysiology. In particular, the Heart Meridian with its 9 points describes the possibility of activating a “subtle”, spiritual process, which allows us to express everyone’s potential. All this passing through the “blocks” of suffering, called in classical terms the “9 pains of the Heart”

The perception that something is wrong with one’s life, even if one does not have a serious pathology, puts the Heart Meridian into play. When this meridian is treated, we enter the sphere of the spirit-shen, linked to the Heart, which allows the centering and rooting of the being, allows us to overcome existential problems, discomfort, pain to acquire the possibility of self-realization, and achieve individual serenity.


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