The Six Sounds Qigong

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on The Six Sounds Qigong, in Classical Chinese Medicine.

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The Six Sounds Qigong – Jeffrey Yuen

The Six Sounds Qigong online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

The Six Sounds Qigong is also called the “Qigong of the healing words”. It represents a very popular exercise in Qigong practice.

This style is based on the assumption that the emission of a given sound and the specific vibration it produces can be used to activate specific physiological functions, allowing Qi to flow harmoniously.

Depending on the pitch of the sound we can determine if the Qi of an organ will travel towards the lower or the upper regions of the body. By modulating the speed of sound, we can induce either the tonification or the draining of Qi in a given organ.

According to Taoist thought, these sounds are often associated with the 5 elements.

Master Jeffrey Yuen teaches with extreme availability and generosity, conveying a centuryold Taoist culture, allowing the practitioner to adapt the exercises for personal self-cultivation.


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