Taiji Qigong

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on Taiji Qigong, for wellness and self-cultivation.

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Taiji Qigong – Jeffrey Yuen

In this online course, Master Jeffrey Yuen explores an ancient Taiji practice, which, similar to the tradition of Qigong, can be used for medical purposes as a tool to promote health and well-being. This is why it is called Taiji Qigong.

As often happens with Qigong exercises, there are no original theoretical texts related to Taiji, as the teachings have been passed down directly from Master to disciple. The only available materials come from the families that created the various styles of practice. The type of Taiji Qigong that Master Jeffrey Yuen teaches in this online course comes from the Yang family.

Although Taiji and Qigong are based on different principles – upon which the meaning of each exercise depends – by combining the knowledge heritage of the two practices, one acquires an important system of prevention and treatment.


Taiji has aspects that can be traced back to religious, medical, and martial realms. There are 13 main positions, each with a specific mental focus and purpose. The number 13 is broken down into two numbers: the number 8, which refers to bagua, the 8 trigrams, corresponds to Heaven; the number 5, which refers to the 5 Elements (wuxing), corresponds to Earth.


Regarding Qigong, the fundamental principles can be traced back to the triad “breath, posture, attention-intention”. The main forms of Qigong also belong to different areas of Chinese culture: the religious-spiritual, the preparatory for martial arts, and the medical.

Medical Qigong, that which is able to act on the health conditions of the practitioner, can be distinguished into two different types:

  • one that involves active work by the operator, focusing on the ability to produce energy for healing. The practitioner becomes a means for healing, and the focus is on the use of external energy (weiqi).
  • the other type involves work on neiqi, internal energy. In this case, healing occurs through the activation of an internal process, based solely on the active work of the patient on their own internal energy. The patient themselves may also resort to external energy to activate a healing process.

The integration of Taiji’s principles and movements with those of Qigong, as Master Yuen teaches, allows the development of self-healing ability and a better understanding of our energies for their fruitful use.

Following the teaching model of his Taoist monastic order, Master Jeffrey Yuen transmits a unique knowledge, proposing a method for self-cultivation, wellness, and healing, to be used alone or in combination with other methods such as acupuncture, tuina, and dietetics.

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Please, note: this online course is held in English, with consecutive Italian translation. This means the course contains the interruptions necessary for the translation into Italian.


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