Large Intestine Meridian

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on Large Intestine Meridian, in Classical Chinese Medicine.

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Large Intestine Meridian – Jeffrey Yuen

The Large Intestine Meridian online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

As usual, in dealing with the study of the Large Intestine Meridian, shou yangming, Master Jeffrey Yuen opens new perspectives, starting from the general framework to the specific energetic meaning of the shou yangming level, to finally expose a detailed analysis of the points of the meridian.

Exploring Classical Medicine under the guidance of Master Jeffrey Yuen means entering at the same time into a path of self-awareness: while going in-depth into the study, self-awareness widens and the therapeutic competencies are enriched to better understand other people’s distress.

Following the circadian rhythm, the Large Intestine Meridian is the second meridian being activated, after that of the Lung. Naturally, according to the classical vision, all meridians are conceived as a continuum and they are always active in the constant exchange and transformation of energy; it is by keeping this unitary vision in mind that we can distinguish, but not separate, the identities of each path and the pathophysiological meaning of the flow of qi in specific areas of the body.

The Large Intestine Meridian can manage and regulate Heat and deal with Humidity. In addition, together with the Stomach Meridian, it presides over the formation of the jin-fluids that will then be distributed especially in the upper part of the body.

In consonance with the physiological functions of the Large Intestine, the psychological role attributed to the meridian shou yangming is inherent in the elimination of the useless, of all that, no longer serving the individual, if not expelled for the benefit of greater psycho-spiritual serenity (as well as physical well-being), clutters, disturbs or intoxicates.

This double physio-psychological track is also applied to the analysis of all points placed on the meridian, attributing to each one its specific energetic functions, from the more “subtle” or spiritual, to the more physical ones, such as, for example, analgesic properties attributed to certain points.

Beyond the intrinsic functions of each point – appropriately illustrated – Master Jeffrey Yuen never ceases to emphasize the importance of activating the practitioner’s “therapeutic intention”. This is made possible by increasing the awareness of the therapist and by developing a kind of intimacy with each point, which also passes through the study of its name and the etymological analysis, according to the personal and enlightened vision of Master Yuen, of the logograms that compose it.


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