Taoism in Classical Chinese Medicine

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on Taoism in Classical Chinese Medicine.

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Taoism in Classical Chinese Medicine – Jeffrey Yuen

The Taoism in Classical Chinese Medicine online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

From its beginning, Chinese Medicine culture had deep connections with Taoism.
Master Jeffrey C. Yuen, as Taoist Priest, belongs to this ancient tradition, delivering us the keys to access profound knowledge of evolutions in Classical Chinese Medicine.

According to Su Wen, one of the oldest Chinese Medicine text, union of mind and spirit, concentration and intention, are essential requirements for therapists.
Master Jeffrey C. Yuen shows the way to enter a wealth of information, teaching methods to guide spirit in facing life’s difficulties and to overcome disorders and medical conditions.

Direct training of Master Jeffrey C. Yuen offer a systematization of the ancient and extensive Taoist culture and provide the tools to take the secret way of healing, representing an invaluable expertise, delivered by word of mouth, in line with the rules of his religious tradition.
Therefore, Master Jeffrey C. Yuen lessons are not available on books or manuals, since written word, as believed by the Master, fixes concepts and paradigms to be kept mutable, as learned from Taoism.

Master Jeffrey C. Yuen lessons always propose connections, never reveal or impose them, representing a spur to draw inspiration from and an opportunity to acquire information to be individually adjusted to previous knowledge. Master Jeffrey C. Yuen trainings state Classical Chinese Medicine is not only a practice for treatment but a practice for life, giving people the chance to find authentic and unique expression as therapists and an original opportunity for personal growth.


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