Taoist Meditation

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on Taoist Meditation.

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Taoist Meditation – Jeffrey Yuen

The Taoist Meditation online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

Among the many methodologies of Chinese Medicine, meditation is certainly the most advanced one.

Master Jeffrey C. Yuen introduces us to the core meaning of getting in contact with the spiritual realm of meditation, according to Taoist esoteric teachings, presenting the two main Taoist spiritual traditions: alchemical meditation and mystical meditation. Both help us to get in touch with the most authentic aspects of the individual and to find meaning in life through a greater awareness of ourselves and our destiny.

Master Yuen stresses the importance of the main goal of meditation which is not in achieving something but rather in becoming able to “let go”. Meditation has the purpose of encouraging transformation, and in order to make transformation possible, it is essential to abandon the present to be able to evolve into the future.


The course deepens the theory behind Taoist Meditation and the sequence of practical exercises.

  1. Theory
  2. Practice
    1. 1 – Relaxation
    2. 2 – Concentration
    3. 3 – Microcosmic Orbit
    4. 4 – Macrocosmic Orbit
    5. 5 – Sounds


Online course


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Jeffrey C. Yuen


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3 hours 20 minutes


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