Triple Heater Meridian

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on Triple Heater Meridian, in Classical Chinese Medicine.

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Triple Heater Meridian – Jeffrey Yuen

The Triple Heater Meridian online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

The main Triple Heater Meridian, belonging to the lodge of the minister Fire, regulates (along with the meridian of the Pericardium) since birth the dissemination of jing-essence, transformed into yuanqi throughout the network of meridians.

For this fundamental function, it is said that the Triple Heater is the emissary of the Kidneys. The jing of the Kidneys expands to mingmen transforming itself into yuanqi. From here thanks to the action of the Triple Heater it rises upwards and it travels to the extraordinary meridian dumai. The yuanqi then proceeds in the direction of the back shu points and subsequently will be conducted in the main meridians, arriving at the yuan-source points. The preponderance of qi reaches the different organs/meridians, giving rise to different constitutions.

For this reason, Classical Chinese Medicine considers the functions of the Triple Heater as fundamental to define the constant interaction between the deep constitution of every single person and the modulation of expressions according to the stimuli and experiences of life.

The Triple Heater represents the function that allows you to find your essence, your sense of life, and to be able to express yourself in an authentic and individual way.

Master Jeffrey Yuen will make particular reference to the energetic function of the various points, to the possible combinations and therapeutic strategies to be used in clinical practice.


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