Alchemical Qi Gong

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on Alchemical Qigong.


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Alchemical Qi Gong – Jeffrey Yuen

The Alchemical Qi Gong online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

Alchemical Qi Gong is an ancient oriental discipline that acts on external energy fluxes, weiqi, on internal ones, Blood and yingqi, and on Marrow, yuanqi.
Because of its deepness of action, Qi Gong must be practiced under the guide of expert masters and needs to be founded on a refined energy based diagnosis.

The discipline requires particular attention to breathing, which must be modulated to obtain the desired effect: qi gathering – inhaling; qi mobilisation – exhaling; qi refinement – pause between the two faces.


The course deepens the theory behind Alchemical Qi Gong and the sequence of practical exercises.

  1. Theoretical explanation of nine movements
    1. Return back to spring
    2. Tae Qi Gong circle
    3. Yin Yang Gong
    4. Frog
    5. Tartle
    6. Swimming dragon
    7. Crane
    8. Entering into meditation
    9. Sky-earth unification
  2. Sequence of nine exercises


Online course


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Jeffrey C. Yuen


Rosa Brotzu




Italian subtitles


2 hours 15 minutes


Computer or tablet, High-Speed Internet Connection (DSL or 4G)


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