Spleen Meridian

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on Spleen Meridian, in Classical Chinese Medicine.

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Spleen Meridian – Jeffrey Yuen

The Spleen Meridian online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

In this course, Master Jeffrey C. Yuen deepens the meaning and functions of the Spleen Meridian.

Deeply connected with the Stomac Meridian, it runs along 21 points and represents the “homecoming”, the recovery of one’s own deep and authentic individuality. With the Lung Meridian, that constitutes the taiyin axis, it allows our true opening to the world, not influenced by external events.

Thanks to this dual connection to the Stomach and the Earth, the Spleen Meridian is maybe the most important meridian of our body. Not susprisingly – with the luo starting from its final point – it nourishes the joints of the body, which are our most authentic way to open to the world.


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