Gallbladder Meridian

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on Gallbladder Meridian, in Classical Chinese Medicine.

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Gallbladder Meridian – Jeffrey Yuen

The Gallbladder Meridian online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

According to Classical Chinese Medicine, each meridian sings its own song: the Gallbladder Meridian one deals with the courage to have in life.

With its 44 points, this Meridian allows us to overcome fear, not through unconsciousness or recklessness, but by recovering our deepest authenticity.

Two keywords well represent the Gallbladder Meridian: courage (yong) and authenticity (zheng).

The Gallbladder Meridian help us in rising again after each fall (hence the connection with articulations and muscles), overcoming the panic we feal in front of new and unexpected events. For this reason, modern texts connect this meridian to the Kidney yin.

The Gallbladder is also the meridian of the recognition of our true identity, teaching us to stay in the present, making valiant and confident choices, always looking at the future.

All these things are expressed, with depth and poetry, in this online course by Master Jeffrey Yuen, who has always been involved in the dissemination of the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine.


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