Spirituality in Shamanic Alchemical Medicine

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on Spirituality in Shamanic Alchemical Medicine.

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Spirituality in Shamanic Alchemical Medicine – Jeffrey Yuen

The Spirituality in Shamanic Alchemical Medicine online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

In the millennial Chinese medical culture, the study of the spiritual, “subtle” aspect of the individual has always had a relevant place in understanding the state of health or disease.

Classical Chinese Medicine investigates and provides useful tools for understanding the triadic body-mind-spirit relationship while emphasizing that the state of health and healing itself are closely linked to the spiritual evolution of each individual.
Certainly, the spirituality and its cultivation is a rather complex and mysterious area, because it is intrinsically esoteric, reserved for a few followers and, from the beginning, directly transmitted from Master to disciple.

In this seminar, Master Jeffrey Yuen will lead us by the hand into the maze of ancient Chinese medicine, he will help us to find our way in the Taoist spiritual medicine drawing from his personal lineage in the shamanic and alchemical tradition of which he is an illustrious exponent. He will help us, also thanks to meditation, to cultivate our spirit in order to help us rediscover, in our search for wellbeing and longevity, the primaeval harmony between the energies of heaven and earth of which we are part.


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