Qigong for Daily Wellbeing

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on “Qigong for Daily Wellbeing”, in the context of Classical Chinese Medicine.

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Qigong for Daily Wellbeing – Jeffrey Yuen

Qigong for Daily Wellbeing online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

This online course is dedicated to discover qigong as a daily wellness practice, through exercises that encourage the full development of personal psycho-physical and spiritual potentials.

The term qigong (“mastery of qi” or “qi skills”) has only come into common use since the 1950s but defines a series of practices that have been used for about three millennia to enhance individual vitality, prevent illnesses, create harmony and well-being.
These activities, mostly belonging to the Taoist tradition, are aimed at strengthening, developing and controlling vital energy (qi), through external and internal, physical and spiritual practice techniques, making use of static and moving postures, breathing, mental concentration as well mental void (meditation).

The regular practice of qigong allows the regulation and rebalancing of the close-knit network of meridians, the invisible “roads” along which our vital energy flows in the body.
Qigong is a great tool of knowledge and healing both for oneself and for others, it favours the development of a more subtle and deep self-awareness, helping people to be always at ease in the events that life proposes.


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