The Energy of the Stones

The Jeffrey Yuen’s online course on “The Energy of the Stones”, in the context of Classical Chinese Medicine.

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The Energy of the Stones – Jeffrey Yuen

The Energy of the Stones online course is delivered by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

In this online course, Master Jeffrey Yuen will explore the energy functions of stones and will help us to understand their possible applications to promote health within Classical Chinese Medicine, starting from the analysis of their density, specific gravity, age and chemical components.

Ge Hong is one of the main authors for studying the energy of stones, he was a Taoist monk (280-340 A.D.) belonging to the “Huang-Lao School of Jade Purity” (Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai) of which Master Jeffrey Yuen represents the 88th generation.

Ge Hong taught that stones have the property to transmit stability in the healing and well-being process, as they are in close connection with the divine knowledge from Heaven and represent the light of Heaven that pervades the darkness of caves. In the field of health care, the characteristic density and solidity of the stones offer an important tool to strengthen the therapeutic intention of the healer, aimed at achieving a state of deep well-being.

Master Jeffrey Yuen also refers to the text Bencao Gangmu by Li Shizhen (1518-1593 AD), who argues that the healing properties of stones are durable because stones possess strength and power due to their peculiarity of being compact and hard.

It is interesting to note that the veins, often present in stones, can be equated with meridian paths, and – as such – can affect the flow of qi in the human body channels. For global, general treatments, it is preferable to use stones that contain veins, precisely because these act on the entire meridian system. In case the stones which do not have veins, these can act directly in a specific way on acupuncture points.

Considering that stones are seen as living entities in continuous development, it is important to consider their age: some stones are quite ancient (like Jasper) and some other stones are younger, like the cat’s eye.

In the perspective of Master Juen, stones allow access to the deepest levels of being. Through their vibrational specificity, which is very slow and continuous, they can initiate a deep and continuous transformation.


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