The Seminars of Master Jeffrey Yuen

The Seminars delivered by the Daoist Priest Master Jeffrey Yuen, on Qigong and Classical Chinese Medicine. Live streaming: May 6-8, 2022.

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2022 Edition – live streaming

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The Seminars of Master Jeffrey Yuen are entirely delivered remotely, via live streaming. This choice, due to the constraints imposed by the global pandemic, allows us to operate in total safety and saving travel costs for hundreds of people around the world.

The Seminars, dealing with Qigong and Classical Chinese Medicine, will take place on May 6-8, 2022, with the following programme.

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Master Jeffrey Yuen

Jeffrey C. Yuen is Daoist priest, one of the world’s leading experts in Chinese Medicine.
Belonging to the 88th Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai generation (Jade Purity Yellow Emperor Laozi School), and the 26th generation of the Quan Zhen Long Men Pai School (Complete Reality School Dragon Gate School), Jeffrey Yuen has been designated by his adoptive grandfather, Yu Wen, as his spiritual heir, the continuer of an ancient oral tradition.
Extraordinaty expert in Classical Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Martial Arts, Master Yuen chose Xin Shu as the Italian main partner for the transmission of his huge knowledge.


Seminars are held in English, with consecutive Italian translation by Giulia Boschi.

  1. Qigong for daily wellbeing
    Friday May 6, 2022 – 2:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. – Time zone UTC+2 (2 Q&A sessions)

    The Seminar of Master Jeffrey Yuen is dedicated to discover qigong as a daily wellness practice, through exercises that encourage the full development of personal psycho-physical and spiritual potentials.

    The term qigong (“mastery of qi” or “qi skills”) has only come into common use since the 1950s but defines a series of practices that have been used for about three millennia to enhance individual vitality, prevent illnesses, create harmony and well-being.
    These activities, mostly belonging to the Taoist tradition, are aimed at strengthening, developing and controlling vital energy (qi), through external and internal, physical and spiritual practice techniques, making use of static and moving postures, breathing, mental concentration as well mental void (meditation).

    The regular practice of qigong allows the regulation and rebalancing of the close-knit network of meridians, the invisible “roads” along which our vital energy flows in the body. Qigong is a great tool of knowledge and healing both for oneself and for others, it favours the development of a more subtle and deep self-awareness, helping people to be always at ease in the events that life proposes.

  2. The Study of Kidney and Bladder Meridians
    Saturday and Sunday May 7-8, 2022 – 2:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. – Time zone UTC+2 (4 Q&A sessions)

    The Seminar of Master Jeffrey Yuen is dedicated to the energetic pathophysiology and the symbolic meaning of the meridians belonging to the movement Water: Kidney Meridian (zu shaoyin) and Bladder Meridian (zu taiyang).
    The Seminar will make particular reference to the energy function of the various points, possible combinations and therapeutic strategies useful in clinical practice: the discourse on meridians and individual acupuncture points, places a particular emphasis on the sense of evolutionary dynamics of the individual.

    The Meridian of the Kidney, together with the Meridian of the Bladder, represents the element Water, which symbolizes the awareness of the cycles of life and individual evolution. This process goes through growth, maturity and, at times, can be of help to accompany the passage of the end of life. The Kidney Meridian reflects the deepest layer of hereditary and constitutional qi. The understanding of its energetic dynamics allows the clinician access to the genetic and epigenetic information of the individual.

    The Meridian of the Bladder is like a frontier place, it is the meeting place of organic fluids, coordinates energy transformation. It is the longest meridian of the body and has five distinct branches that describe a series of complex functions, not always sufficiently studied.
    Master Jeffrey Yuen never forgets to emphasize the importance of understanding the name and the ideogram that describes every single point, to activate “the therapeutic intention” and therefore the awareness of the practitioner.

Questions & Answers

Seminars include 2 Q&A sessions per day. Questions should be written by participants via chat. The answers will be provided via live audio, to all the participants. Based on the number of questions received and on the available time, not everyone can be guaranteed an answer.

Participation Fees

You can register to the Seminars of Master Jeffrey Yuen, attending one single seminar or multiple days. See the Participation Fees per person, as detailed in the following table.

Participation Fees Price
May 6, 2022
€ 190,00*
May 7 and 8, 2022
The Study of Meridians
€ 320,00*
May 6, 7 and 8, 2022
Qigong + The Study of Meridians
€ 420,00*

* Participation Fees include € 15 Annual Social Membership Fee.


To attend our Seminars, you need a computer or tablet, with a recent browser, broadband Internet connection (DSL or 4G), speakers or headphones to listen. You will be emailed with access credentials a week before the beginning of the Seminars.

Payment and Registration

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Information and contacts

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